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Circled, Ringed Pearl

There are rings / circles on the surface of circled (ringed) pearls.

Perlenstränge - Circled, Ringed Pearl

8-9mm : weiß

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3252 freshwater circled ringed potato pearl 8.5-9mm white.jpg
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3253 freshwater circled ringed pearl 8-8.5mm white.jpg
3253 freshwater circled ringed pearl strand about 8-8.5mm white


(set of 10 strands: 1 auf Lager)

(set of 1 strand: 8 auf Lager)

***Einkaufswagenanweisungen: Lagermenge, Versand, Zahlung***

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3403 Freshwater Circled Ringed Pearl Strand About 9-9.5mm White.jpg

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