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느슨한 진주 - 남해 진주

느슨한 진주 - 남해 진주 (일주, 바로크 진주, 불규칙 진주)


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6601 south sea and tahiti pearl about 11-16mm.jpg
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6625 south sea pearl about 17.5mm.jpg
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6610 south sea pearl about 9.5-11.5mm.jpg
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6609 south sea pearl about 8.5-11.5mm.jpg
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6605 south sea pearl about 9-13mm.jpg
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6604 south sea pearl about 10-14mm.jpg
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6603 south sea pearl about 9-10mm gold color.jpg
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6602 south sea and tahiti pearl about 11-14.5mm.jpg
6333 south sea round pearl 14mm 16mm white color light grey color.jpg
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6133 South Sea Loose Pearl 9-10mm white.jpg
6141a South Sea Pearl 9.5mm White Round.jpg
6141b South Sea Pearl 9.5mm White Round.jpg
6131 South Sea Pearl Loose Pearl.jpg
6132 South Sea Pearl Loose Pearl.jpg
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